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How to dress sexy without breaking a sweat

Whether it’s a quick neighbourhood coffee or opening night at the theatre, when date night comes around, many women experience definite pressure around the perfect date outfit. The common goal is to look sexy and put-together, but casual and welcoming. You might not be surprised to find out that sexiness is seldom about what you wear, and more about HOW you wear it. 

Don’t knock the LBD

The Little Black Dress has earned its, um, colours as the fairy godmother of the world of sexy dresses. Despite its reputation, don’t get bogged down by the idea that your LBD should be short and slinky. Even a casual dress worn with the right amount of confidence can stand its ground as a sexy dress in its own right. 

Not feeling the idea of wearing black? Mix up a great pair of jeans with a dressy top for a look that is simultaneously well-rounded and casual. In slightly chillier weather, add a blazer, or shake up the look with a mini skirt or dress and a denim jacket. By no means do colours need to be muted – go as wild as you like with the colours that suit you best!

Don’t give up on comfort

If you’re having trouble breathing or walking in your outfit, you hav a 100% guarantee that you will not look sexy wearing it. Hobbling along artlessly on heels you are unable to wear, or being splinted upright in shaping underwear that makes it hard to sit down, are definite look-killers. The most sexy dress on earth is worthless if it is not worn well. Please do yourself and everyone else a favour by wearing something you feel comfortable in!

Speaking of sexy dresses, these tried and trusted little closet favourites seem like the natural choice of outfit for a dinner date. Keep it classy by picking a hemline that ends below the knee, This way, you will not be showing too much skin, and you will be comfortable in what you’re wearing. 

Test the waters

Don’t forget to have fun and play around with your outfit! Comfort zones are there to step out of – you never know what might be waiting on the other side! 

Never tried an A-line dress? Try it! Double check that it’s not too short, girly and fluffy, and you’ll be good to go with something that shows a bit of leg and hits the bullseye, fashion-wise, but allows the imagination to still do some work of its own. After all, what fun would it be to give the game away without creating a little bit of mystery? 

As a modern woman, you will no doubt be well-versed in the power your own self-confidence can give you. Get rid of dressing up to impress others, and step into your own skin and celebrate you, by dressing sexy using what you have. It shouldn’t be difficult, it should be fun, and every woman deserves to feel that!

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