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How Long Should a Newborn Breastfed

Breastfeeding a baby helps the child get the necessary nutrients for their growing years. A baby can be breastfed up to 2 years of age. It is important to continue nursing for about 12 months post that it is completely the mothers and baby’s preference to either continue with breastfeeding or compensate it with an equally former dietary food with all the compounds.  

Breastfeeding has the following benefits 

  • Immunity Booster: Immunity is important for a person’s mental and physical health. It helps the baby to build its immunity that keeps all the illnesses away. It also makes the baby cheerful and active. 
  • Fights bacterial infections: The first few bouts of milk and the continuous intake prepare the baby to fight against bacteria’s and other infectious elements. Kids tend to immediately catch bacterial infections since its presence in the air bodies and are transferable through different activities.  
  • Prevents infant mortality: lower rate of sudden death syndrome and deaths caused at this crucial age is prevented once the baby is healthy and fit with the mother’s milk. 
  • Respiratory illnesses at bay: Cough and cold are the most common illnesses that a baby goes through this tender age. Flu and other respiratory tract infections can be prevented with breast milk intake.  
  • Building the Digestive system: It aids the baby to develop a mature digestive system which is built to help the baby breakdown the solid foods well. Gastrointestinal infections, diarrhea, etc. have reduced chances to occur. 

How often should one breastfed the baby 

The cycles and intervals of breastfeeding differ as and when the baby’s age grows. In the first month, one should feed the baby almost 8-12 times a day. The frequency to be fed reduces with increasing months.  

The feeding time interval should be calculated from the time you start feeding the baby in a sitting. In the beginning, the feeding is quite hectic since it almost goes round the clock. Once the baby turns 4-6 months old it reduces by folds.  

The interval between the next feed should not go more than 4 hours including an overnight gap should be also avoided.  

Stages of breastfeeding and how long should it go on for: 

  • Initial stage: When you have just begun to provide your baby with breast milk, he or she will receive colostrums that has anti-inflammatory and has properties to prevent any kind of infection.  
  • Within 4-6 weeks: Since now, the baby has eased through the process towards breastfeeding the child has initiated the growth phase. You should ensure proper breastfeeding cycles for your baby to avoid risks that come in the situation of absence of breast milk.  
  • Within 3 months: In a few months, the baby’s digestive cycle has gotten used to the milk and have developed to encourage any other intake of food.  
  • One year: If you plan to continue on nursing your baby, nothing better than it. You can avoid formulas and other marketed stuff. A mother should be aware of the breastfeeding benefits so she knows till the time she can continue with nursing.  
  • Maximum time: The stretch a baby can go up to with breastfeeding is 2 years. Until this time the baby has met the emotional, immunity driven and nutritious needs required from the mother’s milk.  

Baby health Organizations 

Various organizations promoting baby’s health advice for a mother to breastfeed for at least 2 years until then the baby has met the demands of his/her body. During the growth years, the baby’s bones are formed which the appropriate needs amount of calcium.  

The breast milk becomes an important source for this and other sources of energy. Until the weaning stage comes, which will be indicated by the baby’s habits itself the mother should continue with breastfeeding. Healthcare organizations like the World Health Organization and UNICEF supports the idea of breastfeeding through the baby’s child years for proper childcare.  

It is ultimately the mother’s help and choice to decide how long she should provide her baby with her milk. But keep in mind, that the breast milk is the base to your baby’s forming years and will help him with good health for years to come and eliminate the risk of any ailments.  

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