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How I really cope with twins


I posted last month about what replies I’d like to give to the silly questions about having twins. One question isn’t actually that silly and that’s: how do you cope with twins. When Molly was born there was a set of twins in our postnatal group and I remember wondering how the mum coped especially as I was feeling completely out of my depth at the time. It’s a natural question, I guess. Having one young baby is hard enough let alone two. So here are a few things which got me through the last 18 months.

1. I would love to tell people that I cope with the help of prescription drugs and alcohol, but that’s not quite true. However, I do think you need a few treats to get you through those early sleepless months. The tiredness is so all-encompassing you need something to keep the edge off. My saviour was chocolate and very sugary coffee. In fact anything with lots of caffeine and sugar. Ok, it wasn’t very good for me, but it kept me going. Sometimes adrenaline just isn’t enough.

2. I also joked that I had lots of help: maids cleaners and nannies. Someone kind to help with all those cloth diapers.  I would love that to be true. I did, however, get a cleaner three times while the twins were tiny and it was wonderful. It was hard keeping up with the housework while I was pregnant so the house really needed a good clean. If I could afford it I would still get a cleaner now. I wish I’d asked everyone for money towards it when the girls were born.

twins cleaning
Start them young with the household tasks

3. Getting everything important in duplicate. It’s very frustrating when you lose that essential item. For some reason, having twins means you’re more likely to lose it or leave behind (although maybe that’s just me). These are the things I have bought extra of muslin cloths, dummies, teething gel, calpol, nappy cream, vests, sleepsuits, socks, bins, cups or bottles spoons, hats and of course nappies and wipes. In fact, these would be a good present for an expectant mum. Not very glamorous perhaps but much more useful than tiny baby clothes they will grow out of in five minutes.

4. Finding a twins club. I find this one essential. Having twins is different from having a single baby. At a normal toddler group, people are often amazed by how you cope with twins or horrified. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone else in the same position as you. I was lucky because I have a twins club within walking distance of my house. If there isn’t one then look out for forums or other support on the internet. It does help to have other people who understand. By the way, you will need earplugs. A room full of crying babies gets very noisy.

5. Taking as many pictures of them cuddled up together or holding hands together as possible. I know this isn’t the most practical thing but sometimes it does get tough having two. It helps to look back at those beautiful images and realise how wonderful having twins is.


So how did you cope? Or did you?

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