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How To Give Your Kitchen a Spring Makeover

The cold, long winter appears to be finally over, making way for the warmer, brighter spring months. Why not bring the ambience of spring into the home to really celebrate the end of winter? 

The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to makeover with a fresh, bright spring look. Need some ideas to get you started? Here, you’ll discover some of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a spring makeover.

Change the colour scheme

If you’re looking to really makeover the kitchen, changing its colour scheme is a great idea. All you need is a coat or two of paint and your kitchen will look as good as new. You can focus on bright yellows, or greens. Or, if you really want to embrace the spring theme, why not opt for a floral pattern? 

Using wallpaper instead of paint adds a unique look to the room, while allowing you to take advantage of numerous pattern options. Or, why not consider using wall stickers which can be easily peeled off as the seasons change? 

Add blinds into the room

To make the most of the brighter weather, it’s worth investing in blinds. If you already have black out blinds installed, consider changing them to lighter ones from a company such as Swift Direct Blinds. These will let a lot more light in during the day, as well as ensure you can capitalise on the longer brighter evening sun too. 

Similarly, it’s worth updating all of your kitchen’s furnishings for lighter, more floral designs. 

Invest in plants and flowers

Flowers are a classic sign of spring and they’ll help to really brighten up the kitchen. A simple bouquet on the kitchen table or windowsill will really add to the spirit of the season. Worried about looking after indoor plants and flowers? You don’t need to necessarily invest in real ones. You can find a great selection of artificial flowers which look just like the real thing. 

Give it a fresh scent

To complete your spring makeover, ensure the kitchen has a beautiful, spring-like scent. Citrus is a particularly great option for the kitchen as it’s fresh and vibrant. These types of scents also help to boost energy levels. Or, if you have invested in artificial flowers and you want to give the room a floral scent, opt for a floral reed diffuser.

These are just some ideas to help give your kitchen a spring makeover. It doesn’t matter what your budget, there’s something on the list above to suit it. Even just utilising one of the tips above will help to add a spring ambience into the room. 

Disclaimer: In association with Direct Blinds.

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