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Hotter Shoes – review

Hotter shoes

I was slightly worried about being qualified to review these Carly Hotter shoes. I have to admit that I’m not a shoe person. I wear shoes – of course I do. But I don’t spend much time thinking about them and I always begrudge having to buy shoes. However with these I may be converted.

As I don’t love shoes I usually spend as little money on them as possible. The shoes cost £79  and after trying them I can see why it is worth stepping away from bargain buys and getting something of a better quality. I think they will last much longer too. Usually I have to wear shoes for a few days before they get comfortable. These Hotter shoes are made from leather as soft as butter and are incredibly comfortable. I wanted them as work shoes and as I’m a teacher I have to stand most of the time at work and walk around. Any shoes I wear for work have to be comfortable and these definitely are. I also wore them to Britmums Live – which was a long day walking around London and around the conference.

There are three different colours a light blue and a brown. The cream is a great choice though because it goes with everything. The shoes are very detailed but the pattern isn’t too fussy. My only very minor complaint was that the lining rubbed off a little on my socks the first couple of times I wore them.

So am I converted to a shoe buying obsession? Well I’ve just spotted a rather lovely pair of sandals on the Hotter website… where’s that credit card?

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