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Hotter Pixie Boots for Spring

As soon as you step into a Hotter store you see a riot of colour. The new season at Hotter is bolder and brighter than ever before. I was invited to an evening at the Solihull store to see the new lines. As always, you get a really warm welcome and the staff are so knowledgeable about the shoes and making sure you get the best fit. It is also great to see that all the staff wear Hotter shoes.

This season there is a splash of red everywhere you look. It is definitely the colour of the seaon and a fun way to update your wardrobe for the change in season. You can get most of your favourite styles of shoe in red.

I would love to have a collection of all the pumps and trainers. These have such lovely patterns – I could easily collect them all. I recently reviewed the blue denim mabel trainers which are so cute and comfortable. The new patterns are fresh and pretty and perfect for Spring walks.

I had a very clear plan that I would find some new work shoes. My beloved Shake shoes are now over three years old and I thought it might be time to reluctantly replace them. I noted you can even get Shake shoes in different colours and patterns, including red of course and a really sweet navy floral. However I was swayed from the sensible choice by the lovely selection of Pixie boots.

Again I would happily have these in every colour. I loved the teal boots but decided that I wear blue a little more often. Boots are a great choice this season as you can wear them with jeans or with a dress and leggings.

The Pixie boots are a little tight to pull on but once you get them on they are super comfortable, as you would expect. They have a lightweight sole, cushioned insole and rounded toe for extra wiggle room. This makes them feel like slippers.

The boots cost £85 and that is money well spent, in my opnion. There is such a lovely attention to detail on these shoes. I love the floral pattern on the lining, the scalloped edges and the little tassles to finish.

Disclaimer: I was given the boots for the puprose of this review. 

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