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Hotter Party Shoes Review

Hotter France heels

Do you find yourself taking off your shoes at the end of a wedding or event? I always do, no matter what shoes I buy they are never comfortable enough to last the whole day – flat shoes seem no better than heels. I want to enjoy being at weddings and not end up in agony from my shoes. Which is why Hotter party shoes are such a revelation. They are so incredibly comfortable you really can wear them all day. In March I went to two weddings and both times  I found my new Hotter shoes so comfortable I didn’t want to take them off. Hotter France heels

The thing is I think when you hear that a lot of people think that they can’t look good too. I don’t think that’s true. There is a good range of party shoes at Hotter and they come in a few different colours. I really loved the Dark Aqua colour in the picture above but it didn’t quite match my dress. I chose the France Heel in Light Taupe . I love the pretty style and the colour works with everything. The shoes have a good sized heel which will elongate your leg and make you walk more confidently without feeling like you are about to fall over.

Hotter shoes in box

The shoes look so inviting when they arrive. They are very well packaged and look so lovely in their box. I like the inside lining of the shoes as they have a really pretty rose pattern on them. the reason the shoes are so comfortable is because they have grooved soles, a padded instep and a slightly stretchy sole.

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The France Heels cost £80 which I think is brilliant value for money considering they are so comfortable and I can wear them so many times. I have wasted so much money buying shoes which I never wear again because they are so uncomfortable. Before I would always wear flat shoes, when I was going out. I am so thrilled that now I can actually wear heels.

Hotter shoes France heels

I really can’t recommend these shoes enough. They have totally transformed me into a party girl who can dance the whole night away.

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 Disclaimer: The shoes were sent for the purposes of this review

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