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Homemade Christmas Presents: Santa Plant Pots

Santa plant Pots

I like to make a few handmade Christmas presents with my daughter. She has a bit of pocket money but not enough to buy presents so it’s nice to get her to make something. Last year we decorated plant pots and filled them with hyacinth bulbs. It was a lovely activity but I spent the rest of the day feeling really itchy and it took me several hours before I realised it could be down to the bulbs. Apparently you can be allergic to hyacinth bulbs – who knew? This year I learned from my mistakes and we wore gloves.

These make great presents for teachers or for relatives as they are relatively inexpensive and really easy to make. You an decoate them in any colours you choose and attach all sorts or Christmas decorations to the pot.

What You Will Need To Make The Santa Pots

  • plant pots
  • paints (we used gold and red)
  • ribbon
  • foam/card/felt
  • craft lollypop sticks
  • googly eyes 
  • pom poms
  • cotton wool
  • ribbon
Homemade Christmas Presents: Santa Plant Pots

  Paint the sides of the pots.

Homemade Christmas Presents: Santa Plant Pots

We decorated some with gold paint and some with cotton wool.Leave to dry.

 Fill with soil.

 Plant a bulb in each one(wear gloves if they’re hyacinths).

Cut out a pink circle for the face using foam sheets.Stick on a hat using red felt.

 Add cotton wool to the hat,Googly eyes,a pom pom to the end of the hat,and small felt circles for cheeks.

 Stick on lots of cotton wool for a beard.Attach to the lollypop sticks

Tie a ribbon around the outside.

If you’re using hyacinth bulbs place in a dark warm area like the airing cupboard for a few weeks. 

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