Time-Saving Dinner Party Hacks

It all seemed like such a great idea to invite some friends around for a dinner party – you’d have bags of time, you’d be able to enjoy the occasion looking your best and the meal would be safely cooking while you were making any last minute adjustments. The problem was that your job, your … Read more

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Things have changed since the last letter I wrote to you. Last time we spoke I wanted roller skates, a couple of Care Bears and a sparkly dress with a bow in the front. Thanks for those by the way. This year what I’d most like to have under my tree is a … Read more

Hotel Chocolat Signature Collection

Hotel Chocolat

The Signature Christmas Collection Today I am giving you the chance to win this amazing chocolate gift box from my favourite chocolatiers Hotel Chocolat. The box looks stunning and it would make a lovely gift for a friend or relative or just a treat for you and your family. You know you deserve it! This … Read more

Luxurious Bathrooms in Small Spaces

Luxurious bathrooms needn’t be the reserve of the rich and famous. With the scope of modern functionality, a few simple steps can go a long way in creating a stand-out bathroom. Read on for a selection of tips and tricks that will make even the smallest space sing. Wall-mounted magic Intelligent storage solutions eliminate the need for … Read more

Unique Storage Ideas For The Home

doll's house

Many homeowners say that their biggest problem with interior design is finding the space to store everything away. When you’re thinking of storing your belongings away, what are the first things that come to mind? Probably the usual boxes, baskets and shelving units… although they’re pretty effective, they’re unlikely to inspire you to tidy up. Well, how about … Read more