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Home from Dreamworks Review

Home from Dreamworks

As soon as the girls saw the trailer for the new Dreamworks film HOME, they were desperate to go and watch it. Colourful, fun and full of cute characters, it was certain to be a hit in our family. When we were asked if we wanted to review a selection of toys from the film made by Flair we were of course delighted.



Although HOME isn’t out until the 27th March we saw that there was an early showing and went to see it as my Mother’s Day treat with the girls. It was actually the perfect film for Mother’s Day as it centres on the main human character, Tip’s search for her mother. This is a great familiar film and we all laughed a lot. The girls loved the funny alien Oh, so called because when all the other BOOV see him they sigh.


This is Charlotte’s (age 4) review of the film:


We went to town for dinner.  We had yummy food. We went to see a film called Home. The funniest bit was when Oh put his hands up in the air. It was funny because he turns funny colours. I loved it. Scan 78


The part she was talking about was when Oh hears human music for the first time and can’t help dancing. She is now desperate to get the film on DVD and can’t understand why we have to wait.

Boov Plush

RRP 6.99

Charlotte’s favourite out of all the toys was the plush toy. She loved Oh in the film and was delighted to have one of her own to cuddle. H is really cuddly and cute and looks just like the character in the film.


I liked the fact that this plush is yellow. One of the main characteristics of the BOOV is that their bodies change to show how they are feeling. A BOOV turns yellow if he is scared so this little toy obviously needs lots of extra cuddles.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I think this is going to be a favourite toy for a long time!


HOME Mood Bubbles

RRP £2.49

I like the fact that this range of toys is so inexpensive. These bubbles are great pocket money toys. The BOOV travel in bubbles so the packaging is perfect and it means you can see which character you are getting so you can pick your favourite.


These mini figures are a great size to play with and would add in to other toys children already have. Currently the BOOV are hiding out in our Barbie house.



RRP £3.99

The only problem with these BOOV ears is getting Charlotte to take them off. As well as changing colour the aliens have cute ears which move to show how the BOOV are feeling. You can shape these ears to show how you are feeling. They also come in different colours to match your mood. I think the price for these is really good.


Shusher Wand

RRP £9.99

The girls love a wand to play with. This one has Captain Smek hiding in the top and says phrases from the film when you press the button.


I was slightly worried about this one after seeing the film as Captain Smek uses the Shusher to shush BOOV who are annoying him. Luckily the girls haven’t copied this and just like waving it around. Again this is a reasonably priced toy which will provide lots of alien role play fun.


I think this is a brilliant family film and a great range of toys from Flair to accompany it. Like the film the toys are bright and colourful and most of all fun!

You can win £100 worth of HOME toys here.

Disclaimer: We were sent vouchers to see the film as well as the toys and treats for the purposes of this review. 

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