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Holly Sun Catcher Craft

Christmas Tree Sun Catchers

I love to make stained glass windows with the children. It’s one of my favourite crafts because it is so quick and mess free and brightens up a little spot in your home instantly. I wanted something different for Christmas this year and though holly leaves and berries would look really festive.

holly stained glass window

Materials Needed To Make Holly Sun Catchers

  • clear contact paper (sticky back plastic)
  • tissue paper, green and red
  • black card or paper
holly stained glass window

How To Make Holly Sun Catchers

  • Cut the black paper into holly leaf shapes and round berries.
  • Cut out a piece of contact paper so it is a bit bigger than the leaf shape.
  • Take the backing off and stick the corners onto the table so it doesn’t unroll.
  • Cut the tissue paper into small pieces.

This is great for the children to practice fine motor skills. When the leaf shape is covered with tissue paper cut the edges off the contact paper and stick onto the window.

holly stained glass window

It looks really lovely made into a leaf pattern around a window.

holly stained glass window

This works well as a collaborative art project as everyone can make a leaf but then they go together to make a big picture.

holly stained glass window

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Christmas bulbs sun catcher

light bulbs sun catcher

Christmas Tree Sun Catchers

Christmas tree sun catchers
Christmas tree sun catchers


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