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Here Are The Best Destinations for an Outdoor UK Getaway 

Home to incredible landscapes, scenic mountains, perfectly isolated valleys, and dramatic coast, England’s great outdoors offer a truly unforgettable adventure. The possibilities for family adventure activities in the UK are endless, whether you’re doing it with the kids or going for a solo adventure. So, check out these amazing destinations for a socially distanced outdoor getaway in the UK.  

The Cotswolds  

The Cotswolds cater to adventurers of all kinds. Kids will love the outdoor and wildlife parks, while adults will surely have fun taking part in the survival courses, breweries, and craft workshops. But the best way to enjoy Cotswolds is to trek the great walks. These walking trails will pass through charming villages, green hills, and grasslands filled with wildflowers.  

The Cotswold Way is a great start for your trekking adventure at the Cotswolds. Stretching 100 miles from Bath to the town of Chipping Campden, this trail will reward you with breathtaking panoramas, picture-perfect villages and famous landmarks. 

The Highlands   

Wild camping may not be allowed in some parts of England, but several areas in The Highlands will allow you to camp in the wild. Surrounded by dramatic landscapes that consist of rough mountains and desolate glens, wild camping in the Highlands is every adventurer’s dream. 

If you prefer to camp near shimmering beaches and beautiful bays, check out the Sandwood Bay in Sutherland or Kilmory Bay in the Isle of Rùm. In The Lost Valley in Glencoe, pitch your tent in a spot hidden behind several towering peaks right beside a meandering stream. 


The diverse and extraordinary landscape of Devon allows visitors to enjoy some of the most exciting outdoor adventures.  South Devon coast is perfect for visitors who want to get their hands on water sports activities, such as stand-up paddle boarding and sailing.  

Devon is also home to several beach glamping sites, ideal for those who prefer to stay in the wild. From a shepherd’s hut that opens to spectacular sea views to a dog-friendly wagon that’s surrounded by the beautiful countryside, glamping in Devon is truly one of a kind. 


Dubbed the adventure capital of Wales, Snowdonia offers plenty of options for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Here, you can go cycling, trekking, mountain climbing, and more.  

Climbing Mount Snowdon is a must for avid mountaineers out there. The jaw-dropping vistas from Snowdon’s peak are truly worth the climb. As Snowdonia is also home to some of UK’s most beautiful beaches, mixing seaside adventure with climbing mount Snowdon would be a perfect adventure.  

The Lake District  

The Lake District offers fun outdoor adventure for all levels of fitness and ability. There are many ways to explore the Lake District, from rivers and sea, on foot, horseback, or over the mountains and valleys.  

Given its wealth of rivers and lakes, the perfect way to discover its natural beauty is to go canoeing at the Lakes. Exploring on foot is also a fun way to experience the Lake District’s magnificent beauty. The trails will take you to beautiful small villages with plenty of classic independent cottages while passing through high mountains, valleys, moorland fells, woodlands, and streams. 

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