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Help beyond your GP: Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that results in red, flaky, crusty plaques on the skin during a flare-up. This chronic condition is estimated to affect around 2% of the population in the UK and often develops in either young adults or those aged 50 to 60-years. The high prevalence of this condition has resulted in the development of a vast number of management approaches, with treatments varying from sun exposure to certain medications. The issue is the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet. Therefore, using an online pharmacy, such as, is a great way to condense this information down and get credible and reliable advice on managing Psoriasis. This specific online pharmacy also offers both prescription and non-prescription treatments for Psoriasis, in addition to many other different types of medical conditions.

Now you may be wondering, what actually causes Psoriasis? Again, the information online is vast; however, Oxford Online Pharmacy summarises the causes into genetic factors, lifestyle factors, and drugs. If at least one first degree relative is affected by Psoriasis, their children will be significantly more likely to go on and develop the condition, giving to the hereditary nature of this chronic condition. However, lifestyle factors are a lot more complex, with several conditions predisposing the development of Psoriasis. These include obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. Besides underlying conditions, several habits, such as smoking and alcohol, are also thought to be risk factors. Then we have drugs. Certain drugs have been shown to either trigger Psoriasis or exacerbate the condition in those already affected. Although ensuring that lifestyle risk factors are monitored and the use of drugs is minimised, there is currently no cure or single treatment that offers complete alleviation of Psoriasis symptoms. Therefore, having access to the right information on managing this skin condition is crucial.

Now we are getting into winter, managing Psoriasis is more important than ever as the dry air and limited exposure to sunlight during these months can largely worsen symptoms. This may mean that a drug intervention is needed to keep symptoms at bay during this time, including Beta blockers, antimalarial tablets, Lithium, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, antibiotics. Consulting your GP for these medications can often be a time-consuming process, which is why online pharmacies are the next best thing, with prescriptions delivered directly to your front door with no hassle involved. So, what medical treatments are available through online pharmacies? Well, firstly we have the general measures. These involve incorporating a soap substitute into a daily regime and regular use of both emollients and moisturisers. Then we have the medicated treatments. These vary depending on the severity of the Psoriasis and range from potent steroids in combination with Vitamin D ointment to dithranol in the form of Dithrocream. If the information available through online pharmacies is still too much to digest, offer an advice service, in which you can contact a specialised member of the pharmacy team directly with the details of your condition and they will get back to you with their recommendations for management.

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