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Hearts and Crosses Flapjack Recipe

Flapjack is probably the most simple and economical things to bake. It’s very easy to do with young children, although they will need help with the melting. There are infinite recipes but I like this one because it uses so few ingredients. The flapjack itself is quite plain and not that sweet, so it goes well with the white chocolate which is very sweet. We chose to decorate it with hearts and crosses so it’s suitable for Valentine’s Day. 

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Hearts and crosses flapjack

Melt the butter and oil in a pan.Stir the mixture into the porridge oats.   

Grease the backing tray or line with grease proof paper.

Put the mixture in the tray and flatten down.Bake for 25 mins

Cut the flapjack into squares while it’s still hot To Decorate you need:1 large bar of white chocolatered writing icing

Melt over a pan of boiling water.Decorate the flapjack with white chocolate.Draw hearts and crosses onto the flapjack.  

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 This looks pretty just decorated with hearts on a cake stand.  For an alternative flapjack use 50g or 2 tbsp of mixed nuts and decorate with dark chocolate. I liked this one even better because it wasn’t very sweet at all so the children didn’t like it. More for me! 

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