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Heart Shaped Snow Sculpture

At the weekend we had a really good amount of snow to play with, but the forecast said it wouldn’t last. I thought it would be a good idea to bring some snow inside to play with a little bit more, as the children were too cold to go outside again. Here’s our Heart shaped snow sculpture fun!

label art

After playing with the snow we decided to get a little bit more creative. Molly wanted to make something using the heart shaped cookie cutters. We rolled the snow flat so it turned into ice. Then we cut out the heart shapes. Next we used food colouring to make a pattern on the snow. This technique made a really lovely heart shaped snow sculpture.

This Post Was Inspire By Our Indoor Snow Play

snow ice Picnik collage

I have no idea what to do with these next but they are very pretty. At the moment they are in the freezer, which is where Molly insisted we put them. If we get some more snow then we might make them part of the snowmen. If not I think we’ll put them in water and watch them melt.

ice cubes
snow hearts

Here’s out article on indoor snow play

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