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Hatching Chicks


One of the girls favourite activities this past month has been watching some real chicks hatch. They were so lucky to get up close to the chicks and see what happens and found the whole process fascinating.

I have to admit I was  just as excited as the children, especially when we could hear cheeping sounds coming from inside the egg and small cracks starting to appear.


The chicks soon arrived and after a short spell in the incubator were soon adorable and fluffy.


The girls couldn’t wait to hold them.


This was great stimulus for writing. The girls were really excited to do their homework that week which was to describe the chicks and what it felt like to hold them. I made the twins a pencil topper using an easter chick and some strong glue.


For once it was even easy to get Rose to write. It usually takes quite a lot of encouragement to get her to put pencil to paper.


I used some of these great Hen Life Cycle Word Mats from Twinkl. These really help the writing process as they gave lots of key words to get started. Charlotte loved writing about the chicks so much that I had to print her off more paper.


Molly loved the chick pencil toppers and wanted me to make her a whole set.


This is such a lovely activity to do at Easter and a great way to learn about the hen life cycles.

Welcoming Pheasant Chicks into Your Brood

Consider broadening your chick-hatching experience by including charming pheasant chicks. These unique and colorful additions diversify your brood and offer a fascinating glimpse into raising different avian species. Providing a distinct set of care requirements, hatching pheasant chicks introduces an enriching journey, highlighting the beauty of diverse feathered companions in your flock. Explore the rewarding venture of hatching and nurturing these delightful birds alongside your traditional chicks, embracing the diversity and wonder they bring to your poultry-raising adventure.

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