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Harry Potter themed Camping Cake Recipe

Harry Potter themed Camping Cake

As part of Molly’s tenth birthday camping party we obviously needed a camping cake. First, we made a four layered cake using this easy cake recipe. I layered it up using buttercream.

Ingredients For The Harry Potter Camping Cake

  • 4 layers of cake
  • buttercream
  • orange and green food colouring
  • kitkats
  • twiglets
  • boiled sweets
  • marshmallows
  • rectangular gingerbread/biscuits/crackers
  • cocktail stick
four layered cake

We decorated the edges with a layer of buttercream and lots of KitKats. Then I added some green food colouring to the buttercream and used a star piping nozzle to pipe the grass.

Harry Potter themed Camping Cake

We made some gingerbread and used it to cut some cat shapes for decoration and also two rectangles and a triangle to make the tent shape. We stuck this together using some orange buttercream icing.

Campfire cupcakes

On the top of the cake we made a little camp fire using twiglets and orange icing. The flames were made using bashed up boiled sweets which have been put in the oven on low. You can see how we made them here. On top of the fire, we put mini pieces of marshmallow stuck onto tiny pieces of cocktail sticks.

camping cake

This looked good but the cake was a little bare. I used some Harry Potter Minifigures to add more detail. These make it look like the part of the books where the characters are camping in the woods.

Harry Potter themed Camping Cake

I don’t remember them toasting marshmallows in the books but I’m pretty sure Hermione would have packed some ingredients to make s’mores, she’s resourceful like that. I guess if they had been toasting marshmallows it would have ruined the tension. Then again I’m sure a few toasted marshmallows would have improved their mood and stopped them all whining and moaning for a bit. Maybe we can get JK Rowling to do a rewrite!

Harry Potter themed Camping Cake

This cake looks good but was actually pretty simple to make. You could make it easier by buying crackers to use as the tent or even using a toy tent if you have one. You could add other figures to make a camping cake if you did not want it to have a Harry Potter theme.

Harry Potter themed Camping Cake

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