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Handmade Angel play tent

Angel play tent
This is how we made an Angel play tent for Christmas. I had been wanting to make a tent or teepee for a while using the ball pool. I thought it would make a lovely quiet area for the girls to play in. As it was Christmas we decided to make it so the angels would have somewhere to rest when they came to visit. As you can see this angel is really at home. She had a lovely time eatingkkk the clouds, which is what angels do apparently, oh and sing songs. 
I have seen lots of lovely homemade teepees and play tents on the internet but this is a much easier, no sew version, which is very cheap to make.
You need:
  • 6 meters of fabric
  • 4 bamboo sticks (from the garden centre)
  • string
  • elastic bands
Optional decoration:
  • Christmas lights
  • star ornament
  • pom poms
We used two layers of fabric, 6 meters of each. One is just curtain lining, so was very cheap, the other has sequins in and goes over the top. Inside the ball pool we have put lots of snowball pom poms
Tie the poles together with string 
I then slotted the poles into the ball pool. 
Gather the fabric in a bunch and attach to the poles using the elastic band.
Tie with pretty ribbon and attach a decoration.
Add some fairy lights.

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