Hama Beads Craft

Hama Beads are a great craft for younger kids

hama beads

Does your child enjoy Hama beads? This competition will be perfect for them, especially with all the wet weather we’ve been having.

hama beads

We had a lot of fun with Hama beads a couple of years ago playing with the large toddler sized ones. I had seen the small ones in the shop but thought they would be too fiddly for five-year olds but was really surprised. They were so addictive and we spent a really happy weekend making pictures.

hama beads

I love the way you can either follow a pattern, make up your own picture or simply place them in a random order. Either way you will get a really effective end result. Children are different after all, some like to follow apattern and some like to invent their own.

hama beads

As Molly is only just five she needed a bit of help with more complicated pictures. I made the outline of this boat and she helped to fill in some of the areas. It was nice doing something as a team.

hama beads

Molly made this sunflower herself using a round peg board. she said she wanted to make a sunflower and I gave her the idea but she found it quite easy as it was just filling in on a line.

hama beads summer
hama beads - ice cream

Here are all our makes for the theme of a perfect holiday. we thought of all the things which made our holidays perfect and these were top of the list. The sun with the sunglasses was made by my 13-year-old niece with no pattern which shows just how perfect this activity is for all ages.

hama beads - boat

I have to admit I didn’t get a lot of help making this ice cream. I think I may be a bit addicted! The finished boat picture.

hama beads

These are the pictures Molly made on her own. She was really proud of them. I think they would make a really good card toppers.

Disclaimer: we were sent a set of Hama Beads so we could take part in this competition.

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