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Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween sensory bin
Halloween sensory bin

A few weeks ago I made a space sensory bin for the girls and used it to practice some spellings with Molly. The materials for the bin were mainly black with a few star sequins thrown in so I thought it would work perfectly for a Halloween sensory bin.

What we used:

  • silver foil tray
  • rice – dyed back
  • dried black beans
  • black glitter
  • silver and gold star sequins
  • plastic bats, rats and spiders
  • Halloween witch figures
  • Halloween muffin tray
  • mini pumpkins
Halloween sensory bin

The girls loved playing with this and the rice did feel lovely. I dyed it using a few teaspoons of food colouring and some antibacterial hand gel and then left it overnight. I let the girls add each of the materials with a spoon. They loved adding the glitter and sequins best, of course. I’m quite impressed with how well they kept the rice in the tray. To be honest, I made more of a mess this time as to begin with I used a very thin plastic bag to dye the rice with and it all dropped out the bottom. Then after we had played with it for a few days, I balanced it rather precariously and it fell off the sideboard.

The girls really liked putting the rice into the muffin tins and making spooky-looking cakes. It was really good for practising fine motor skills. The next day when the twins had their nap I sneaked some Halloween chocolates in to see if they noticed. It didn’t take long and they were delighted with the surprise!

Halloween sensory bin

We put the rest of the treats into a hollowed-out pumpkin, which made a brilliant container. Unfortunately, they didn’t last until Halloween so all the poor children visiting will be a bit disappointed.

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