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Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

Halloween pumpkin sun catchers decorations

There seem to be a lot of pumpkins in the shops right now which means it must be time to start decorating for Halloween, right? What says Halloween more than a bright orange pumpkin? Here’s a quick and easy pumpkin Halloween decoration idea that looks great and can be saved for next year.

Sun Catcher Pumpkin Decorations

We make different types of sun catchers all year round. They’re quick to make and once stuck to a window change the mood in a room to make it feel seasonal.

Halloween pumpkin decorations
Making Halloween decorations

Materials and Supplies

The main thing you need is sticky back plastic (contact paper). There are always lots of good stationery offers in the September sales because of the Back to School promotions. It’s really great for toddler and preschool crafts. Grab a bunch of it and store it away in your craft box. It cuts down so much on mess.

This craft is actually pretty mess-free, if you worry about such things. It is a good craft for younger children as they don’t need much help. Older children could cut the tissue paper themselves but younger kids should l have it cut for them.

  • Sticky-backed plastic (contact paper)
  • Craft foam or card (orange and green)
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Googly eyes
Halloween pumpkin decorations
Halloween decorations with Pumpkins for inspiration

Setting up the sticky-backed plastic

The only tricky part of this is getting the contact paper to lie flat so that the kids can stick the tissue paper on it.

Also, stopping your young ones from touching it before you have stuck it to the table can be a challenge!

I use a bit of tape to stick it to the table – the contact paper NOT the children’s hands – although that is quite tempting. The last time we did this activity they were only two and a half and it was very stressful getting it ready. This time they did understand they had to wait. Of course, it’s much better if you set it up without them there but that isn’t always possible. I can’t leave a room for more than a minute without one of them following me and if it looks fun then they will definitely be there.

Halloween pumpkin sun catchers
Pumpkin sun catcher with funny eyes

Stick the pumpkin shape to the paper

Once they had finished sticking the tissue paper onto the contact paper I added the cut out hollow pumpkin shapes. I made these from glittery craft foam. Then I stuck them together.

Add the googly eyes

I like to keep Halloween crafts on the cute side for little ones which is why these pumpkins have googly eyes.

Halloween decorations sun catchers
Suncatcher pumpkin Halloween decorations with eyes on a window

The orange tissue paper creates a really nice glow. It makes the room look a bit amber-coloured. You could add a mouth and nose using a black pen.

Halloween sun catcher decorations
Halloween decorations: Sun Catchers with eyes

I think they make a cute addition for Halloween. We stuck them up with a bit of Blue-tack so it wouldn’t mark the windows. By the way, they aren’t really as clean as in the photo. If only it was as much fun to actually clean the windows as it is to edit them in Picmonkey.

Pumpkin door hanger Halloween decorations

You might also like these pumpkin door hangers we made from cupcake cases.

Door hangers Pumpkin Halloween decorations
Door hangers Pumpkin Halloween decorations

Halloween Decoration Ideas

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