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Hacky Sack Review

Hacky Sack review

Hacky sacks are a fun way to learn some skills and get fit in the home. These are the original Hacky Sack from Wham-O which are now available for the first time in years. Here’s our Hack Sack Review.

I think these are fun little toys and real value for money.  This summer they will be celebrating their 40th anniversary. It’s a fun game on it’s own but also great a a football training tool. The brand new design Striker, shows this in cool football black and white. This was Molly’s favourite and she had great fun throwing it around and trying to do some tricks. You can see they are a great way of practicing hand-eye coordination and because they are so soft are great to use with little ones.  

Hack Sack tester all ready to go
Hack Sack tester all ready to go

The Story of Hack Sacks

Hacky Sack was invented by athletes Mike Marshall and John Stalbergers in 1972 as a training tool to exercise John’s leg after a knee injury. Not only did John’s leg quickly recover, but kicking the footbag around turned out to be a brilliantly fun game to play too. Mike and John perfected the design and Hacky Sack was born.

Hack Sack tester all ready to go and starting young
Hack Sack tester starting young

What Can You Do With A Hacky Sack?

The Inside Kick

Drop Hacky Sack in front of you. Use your inside foot to kick the Hacky Sack up straight up again. Now try kicking the Hacky Sack straight up alternating with each foot. How long can you keep going?

The Outside Kick

Drop Hacky Sack to your side and kick it straight up with the outside of your foot. This move is more difficult and you need to angle your ankle to get it right.

The Stall

Catch the falling Hacky Sack on the inside of your foot by matching its speed with a downward motion. The trick is to land the Hacky Sack without bouncing it or kicking it off again. Once you have mastered it, try dropping Hacky Sack by your side and catching it with the outward of your foot.

Toe Kick and Stall

Drop the Hacky Sack further in front of you and try kicking and stalling it on your toes.

Hacky Sack Games Are Fun

Get your mates together and stand in a circle. Use your Hacky Sack skills to pass the footbag from player to player. The trick is to keep the bag from the ground as long as possible.

Use Hack Sacks To Get Fit

Playing Hacky Sack for an hour burns around 240 calories, about the same calories as a fast food burger.



We love these little things. They can be an indoor or outdoor toy and are soft enough that they don’t cause any accidents – most of the time! Hand-eye coordination improved rapidly and it also encourages team based play. A great toy.

Hacky Sack Striker retails for around $4.99

Disclosure: We were sent two Hacky Sacks to test. The review is my honest opinion

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