Guest Post: Blog Summit Challenge

Today I have a guest post from Ness from Always Be a Friend. If you love travel, reviews, sport and and eating curries then make sure you follow her on twitter @baggiesbabe69, or Facebook


For me it wasn’t such an early start,

I took the train, instead of a cart,

At New St was where at lot of us met,

The pink Justin Beiber t-shirt was the best yet,

Lot’s of chatter & nervous giggling,

As we looked for people phone fiddling.

We arrived at the Studio en mass,

It was like going to 1st day of class,

Coffee, tea & hot chocolate on tap,

Now come on how do you beat that?

The noise in the room started to get really loud,

Well what do expect with this crowd?

From Better Blogging, to camera tips,

Pinterest, self hosting  & facebook were on everyone’s lips,

Making money & SEO,

A travel blogger’s a great way to go,

Happiness is down to us,

Be pleased you’ve not been hit by a bus!

In conclusion, at the end of the day,

I had a fantastic time, what more can I say?

Toots100 you pulled it out the bag,

It certainly wasn’t a drag.

We all enjoyed it & learnt for the pro’s,

Who know’s how big it will go!

Roll on next year (hint hint)

Always Be A Friend

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