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Gousto Meal Boxes Review

Gousto meals

Having recently gone back to work full time I am constantly on the look out for ways to make my life easier. I was therefore really keen to try Gousto meal boxes as I liked the idea of having fresh tasty food which I didn’t have to spend ages planning and shopping for.

Gousto meals

Gousto is a great service if you like cooking but find it hard to think of new meals to try and hate food shopping. I love to try new recipes but find I spend hours wandering around the supermarket trying to find the right ingredients. Also it means my cupboard gets full of ingredients which never get used up as I only try them once. In the end I rely on the same favourite meals. With Gousto you can try new things without the hassle of shopping. All the ingredients are measured out for you so you have just enough for each recipe.

Gousto mealsThe service works by you choosing a box of ingredients from a selection of ten meals. There is something for everyone but all the meals are healthy and delicious and the ingredients are high quality. The box costs £34.99 for three meals for 2 people. This is much cheaper than a takeaway and the food is so much tastier. There is also a discount off your first order.

The food box comes very well packaged and insulated. You would need somewhere safe for delivery if you are out as it contains food which needs to go straight into the fridge. You need to place your order by Wednesday night for delivery on the following Tuesday (1pm to 6pm) or Wednesday (9am to 5pm). There is a recommended shelf life for the foods. The meals take around 30 minutes to prepare, which suits me as I don’t like cooking for long.

Gousto meals

I really enjoyed all three recipes we were sent. It is a very different method of cooking for me as I am a throw everything together and hope for the best kind of cook. I liked the fact everything is measured out precisely as you feel like you are in a cookery show. There were also a few different methods of doing things like cooking the kidney beans until they are crispy, which I will definitely be using in my every day cooking. I loved the mixes of flavours, such as herbs and cheese in the rice and sesame seeds on the chicken. The pork chilli was particularly delicious. I loved the inclusion of cinnamon into the recipe and will definitely be making this again as it was a big hit with the family.

Gousto meals

Of course the meals only are as good as your cooking skills. The third meal doesn’t have a picture, it was a delicious meal of fish and creamy Jerusalem artichokes. I loved trying the new ingredients, and I would definitely try them again but unfortunately I didn’t keep a close eye on the food while it was cooking and it ended a bit singed.

Gousto is a great service if you want to try something new a few days a week. It would be a great way to shake up your family meals. It would also be good for if you were wanting to impress someone with your cooking as the meals all look so impressive.

Disclaimer: I was sent a meal box by Gousto to try for the purposes of this review. 

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