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Go Jetters Toys from Fisher-Price

Go Jetters in a new Cbeebies show where four heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz travel the world to go on adventures with their teacher and friend, Ubercorn. As well as being a fun and exciting adventure the children also learn about world Geography through catchy songs and music. The girls love the show and so were eager to try the new toy range from Fisher-Price.


We were sent the Jet Pad Head Quarters which costs £31.99. This is a fantastic toy for children who love Go Jetters. It is suitable for children aged over 3 and seems really tough and durable. The jet pad looks really cool in bright blue and silver with orange details.


You can open the top of the jet pad and inside get the Go Jetters home and cockpit. Inside there are sounds and lights as well as a projector. There is a detachable slide and ladder for the Go Jetters to get around.


The girls love the secret room with a sliding door. The figures can hide inside or you can store their equipment away.


The set comes with one cute Go Jetters figure but we were also sent a  Go Jetters Figures Pack. We received the Click-On Xuli + G.O. Dive. These additional packs cost £7.99 and are a great way to extend your adventures. 

the Go Jetters figures slot easily into the suit and are great for little hands.


We were also sent a Ubercorn Plush. These are so fun and colourful. You can have your own Ubercorn friend. If you squeeze the toy’s tummy he says cute phrases from the TV show. If you hold his tummy for longer he will even sing a song or tell you some interesting facts. The Ubercorn costs around £20 and will be a firm favourite among Go Jetters fans.


These toys are brilliant for Go Jetters fans. They are fun and colourful and provide lots of opportunities for imaginative play.


Disclaimer: We were sent the toys for the purposes of this review.

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