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Gifts for Wine-Lovers That Will Bowl Them Over

Have you noticed that the older your friends get, the harder it becomes to buy them presents? And don’t even mention your parents! The trick is to pick one niche you KNOW they love. If they’re anything like us, they’re bonkers for wine. It’s simple really; get something that says ‘we know you like a large glass of Pinot Noir after a long day at work.’

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Wine Thermometer

Only a wine connoisseur truly knows the value of having your wine at the correct temperature. White wine should always be chilled and red wine slightly warmed. The best temperature for vin rouge is 16 to 20 degrees Celsius; for white, it’s 9 to 12 degrees. You can cool or heat your wine to perfection with a nifty wine thermometer.

Red Wine Warmer

To use in conjunction with your wine thermometer, this red wine warmer is essential equipment for any wine lover. You can even reverse the process to chill a nice bottle of white from the popular Loire region, if your fridge is broken. Hey, you’ve got to cover all bases!


Using a decanter is a great way to aerate your wine to improve the taste, but it’s also a dapper way to serve your favourite beverage. We love this one from Debenhams – it can hold 1.5 litres of the good stuff.

Wine Stain Remover Kit

The only downside about wine consumption – other than the hangovers – is the inevitable spillage. Try this emergency kit to take care of those pesky stains.

Mulled Wine Pot and Warmer

Who doesn’t like a bit of mulled wine when the weather’s cold? This gadget will keep your delicious beverage warm; plus, it’s pretty cute.

Wine Pineapple

If you’re looking for the handmade touch, we think this is a quirky option for those who love a bit of cocoa with their evening wine. For a celebratory event, try this out with champagne. You will need a glue gun. Just don’t glue yourself to the bottle, like this was some kind of GCSE Design class (or maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea…WINE HANDS).

Cork Coasters

These lovely cork coasters from Etsy are a fantastic, chunky way to avoid staining your good furniture. We love upcycling! Especially when cork is the ideal material for soaking up those wine dribbles.

Ninja Sabre

BE A WINE WARRIOR. It’s the only way forward. Have you ever sabered a bottle of bubbly? Find out how here. Most professional champagne sabres can cost you hundreds of pounds. This one is a lot cheaper, and it makes you look like a ninja.

Grow Your Own

We love the idea of growing your own grapes at home, so you can make wine from scratch. Give your loved one their own mini vineyard. These grapevines are ready to plant and come in a nice wooden box. Notonthehighstreet uses both white and red plants, so you can choose your favourite. Newbies to grape-growing will even receive their own cultivation instructions.


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