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Gift Ideas To Keep Warm This Winter

The days are getting cooler and shorter. The leaves are turning. Summer is coming to an end and fall and winter are on their way. While it may be sad to have to say goodbye to long  sunny days, you can still find ways to stay warm on chilly afternoons or frightfully cold evenings. To help someone you know stay comfortable during the colder months, we have compiled a list of top gift ideas perfect to keep them warm this winter.

1 – Raptor Hoodie

Want everyone else to maintain the proper COVID-19 distance away from you when you go out? This Raptor Hoodie give you a great way to show others when you think they are too close for comfort. The hood is perfect for casual wear as it’s a standard hooded sweatshirt with a twist. The print on the front becomes something else when you cross your arms – the sleeves turn into the mouth of a dinosaur. We’re not talking friendly dinosaur, either. If you are a fan of these giant creatures or have children who are, this is the perfect way to feed that hobby and keep them warm at the same time.

2 – Columbia Electric Heated Gloves

No extension cords necessary here! These Columbia Electric Heated Gloves work off a rechargeable battery that will provide you with warm fingers and hands for up to four hours per charge. Made from 100% goatskin leather, and heated with Omni-Heat electric technology and good old-fashioned insulation, your digits will be toasty even in the harshest conditions.

3 – Zippo Hand Warmer

While we’re talking about keeping hands warm, the Zippo Hand Warmer is another great option to consider. It can generate up to 12 hours of hand-warming comfort and doesn’t require a lot of science to understand. You just fill ‘er up, flick ‘er on, and presto! Warm hands. This item comes complete with a warmer bag and a filler cup.

4 – Biddeford Heated Plush Throw

This heated blanket is the perfect bedroom companion that keeps you cozy without having to turn up the household heat. The Biddeford Heated Plush Throw has a total of six different settings and will automatically shut off after ten hours of heating. It’s a great addition to the bedroom for couples that can’t agree on how many blankets to sleep under or what temperature to set the furnace at night.

5 – Columbia Minx Electric Heated Boots

There are snow boots and then there are Columbia Minx Electric Heated Boots. They’ll keep your tootsies warm and dry in any type of weather and use the same Omni-Heat electric technology as their gloves mentioned above. Imagine trudging through fresh snow and not even noticing it with your heated boots. Your feet will be warm and you won’t ever be concerned about your toes freezing by the time you get where you’re going.

6 – Mug Warmer

How many times have you put your cup of coffee down somewhere and by the time you got back to it, it was lukewarm, or cold? You could zap it with the microwave, but that’s not the same as a freshly brewed cup o’ Joe. That’s where this handy mug warmer fits in. Just plug it in, turn it on, and leave your cup of coffee on it. Do whatever you need to do and when you come back, you’ll discover your coffee is as warm as it was when you left it. 

7 – Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub

The word “portable” with “wood-burning hot tub” should be a clue that you can enjoy the benefits of soaking in a pool of hot water just about anywhere. Constructed of strong polyester and sitting on four feet, this hot tub has a capacity of 200-gallons. It uses a stainless steel heating coil system to warm the water, relying on burning wood to generate the heat. You can set this unit to 104 degrees F and it will maintain that cozy temperature for two and a half hours. That’s plenty of time to warm up and stay warm on a chilly day.

8 – A Cozy Pair of Socks

Nothing keeps you warmer than a cozy pair of socks on your feet. They provide a layer of warmth between your feet and a cold floor. Plus, socks are fun to wear anytime and anywhere. You can even make socks part of your Valentine’s Day exchange in the cold of February. No Cold Feet, for example, has special V-Day gift packages.

9 – Pajamas Warming Pouch

Yup, you guessed correctly, you can have warm pajamas every night of the week. All you have to do is place them inside the convenient warming pouch before bedtime. It takes just ten minutes and your PJs will be toasty warm for you to slip into and crawl under the covers. You could also use the warming pouch to give your socks and underwear a warm-up before you dress for the day.

10 – Ansai Women’s Heated Vest

If you love the feeling of a warm hug or a quilt wrapped around you, then you’ll appreciate the Ansai Women’s Heated Vest. It is made from Carboflex material with a built-in heating element that is powered by a tiny lithium-ion battery. You can even adjust how hot you want it to be.

11 – FireStash Keyring

Planning a winter hike? Doing a cross-country ski vacation? Practicing for the Iditarod? You never know when you might need to keep warm. The FireStash Keyring is a handy little lighter that is lightweight and waterproof. Plus, it is one of those things that you won’t even notice on your keyring until you need it.

In Conclusion

There are lots of handy gadgets in the marketplace today that aim at keeping you warm while you’re in the cold. The list above represents a small percentage of these items that you can find online or in stores. If you are looking for a practical and useful gift for someone this fall, why not give them something that will keep them warm and comfortable?

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