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Gift ideas for newborns

A new arrival. A lovely bundle of joy. Lots of love to go around. It’s time for gifts. Sometimes, it is hard to determine whether to buy a gift that’s appropriate for the mother or the child. Feel free to gift them both. You may think that the baby probably won’t know what you gifted them, but the parents will always remember, so be thoughtful in your choices. Here, we focus on new-born appropriate gifts. 

Baby’s First Year Memory Book

The first year has the greatest change, and you want the new parents to hold onto those memories for years on end. Taking photos of each change and documenting them makes great memorabilia years later.

Baby Vests

Baby vests make a great gift as they are worn every day to keep the baby warm and give that soft feel against other clothing items.

Baby Diapers

Diapers are an essential item for babies all year round. This is about the most practical gift you can give as they are a bare necessity when it comes to new-borns.

Diaper Bag

In a few weeks, it will be time to go back to the hospital for check-ups. A diaper bag will come in handy for diapers, wipes, rash cream, sanitizer, changing mat, and any other items the new mom may feel is necessary for the clinic visit.

Baby Booties

A sure way to keep the baby’s feet warm, booties are a lovely gift that is not only thoughtful but practical too.

Complete New-born Arrival Set

Skincare is an important part of childcare. A skincare pack that caters for every part, from head to toe, would make a great gift. Good products that include baby-friendly bath soap, shampoo, and other skincare products would make good additions to the new-born arrival set.

Soft Socks

Nobody likes cold feet! Gifting a cute pack of soft socks to keep the little one’s feet warm is a thoughtful gift. If you can, gift plenty of pairs. Even adult socks tend to get lost in the chaos of laundry.

A Cozy Blanket

Not only does a cosy blanket come in handy in ensuring the baby stays warm, but they also provide the baby with a safe soft surface to explore and touch.


The last few years have seen an upgrade to the pacifier as we once knew it. Nowadays, not only is it cute, but it is designed to stay on your baby’s chest. A pacifier is suitable for a young one up until 6-months of age when they can bite through it as they start to teeth.

Gift Cheque

If you’re not too sure what to gift the new parents for their little bundle of joy, a gift cheque could also come in handy. This allows the parents to select items of their choice that they feel they may need. It also prevents duplication of other gift items they may have already received. 

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