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Make A Slime Pot With Gel-A-Peel


My children have two favourite things to make at the moment – slime and Gel-a-peel. It sounded like a fantastic idea to combine them and make a special pot for their slime using Gel-a-peel.

Gel-A-Peel kit

We were sent a fantastic Gel-a-Peel Solar Colour Change set as well as some cute little pots and accessories. This set costs around £15 and is brilliant for making all kinds of fun accessories and jewellery.

Materials To Make Your Gel-a-Peel Slime pot

  • 3 Gel-a-Peel tubes
  • 16 design templates
  • Gel tray with squeegee tool to make gel shapes and gems!
  • 5 designer tips: 3 round, 1 rake, 1 star
  • Clear drawing sheet, Cleaning tool. Accessory hardware

The Gel-a-Peel comes in three pretty colours, each which change colour when put in the sun. We used the round tip to write on the sides of the pots. We wrote SLIME and the girls’ names so they would know which was their pot. The best thing is if you make a mistake you can easily rub it off, or you can leave it to dry and simply scrape the Gel-a-Peel off. 

Then the girls decorated their pots with lots of sparkly gems. The finished pots looked really great. You can see where the colour has started to change on the pot above. It started off green and changed to blue – so pretty! The girls loved the colour change properties of this gel-A-Peel and are going to decorate all their pots now.

Gel-A-Peel slime pots - decorate your own pots using Gel-a-Peel Solar Colour Changing Kit

Disclaimer: We were sent the Gel-a-Peel for the purposes of this review

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