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Gala Bingo launches new Flutter betting platform with exiting odds

Gala Bingo have recently launched a new platform onto the bingo site called Flutter. It enable its players to place a variety of different bets at one time. They can bet on different things such as Sport, Lotto, Celebs and TV. Gala Bingo is not all about the Bingo, there are plenty of other things for customers to enjoy such as betting, and not just betting on sports (although you can do this too!).

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With the World Cup on at the moment you can place bets through Gala Bingo on all the different teams, but you can also bet on tennis, darts, horse racing and boxing as well. It isn’t all sports betting though and that is what their new platform has been introduced to try and promote.

These other kinds of bets will concentrate mainly on the world of entertainment such as what we read in magazines and newspapers or what we see in the news. You can play Ant and Dec’s Saturday night Bingo, or Coronation Street Bingo. The unusual bets you find on Flutter are mainly based around current gossip or political affairs so it helps to be up to scratch on your celeb gossip or read the news.

It is exciting to be able to bet on current affairs or celebrity gossip for a change – it gives customers something different and also introduces a wider range of customers using the site. You can ultimately bet on the majority of the main sports. Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 13.08.06

They are using an engaging and adorable yellow bird logo to attract people to their new rebrand. It is aimed at converting a whole new generation of tech-savvy players who already know their way around a Bingo site and the games they have to offer. If you aren’t too sure on how to play, the site offers simple, entertaining tutorials to explain and help you understand them in a way that is easy so you can pick up the games as quickly as possible.


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