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Funky Owls Puzzles from Ravensburger

When we were asked to review some Funky Owl 3D Puzzles from Ravensburger I was really interested to see what they would be like. I couldn’t understand how you could make a vase or a box out of jigsaw pieces.
We were sent three different puzzles all with a cute owl theme. An amazing 3D vase, a vanity storage box and a pencil holder. The pencil holder is suitable for children aged 7+ and the other puzzles are for children aged 9+.

These puzzles are a real challenge and give a good sense of satisfaction when you finish them. They are great to work on as a family together. They are very different from a flat puzzle because you put them together following the numbers and arrows on the back rather than using the picture on the front to make the picture. The number of pieces (the vanity box has 216!) means you need to be resilient to keep going.
The puzzle pieces are make of plastic and are curved to create the 3D shape when they are put together. We found the best way to put them together was to line them up in numerical order. Then the pieces slot together easily.

When finished the puzzles look really bright and colourful. We love the fun owl design. I love the fact that once you have finished you get actual items to decorate your room. Normally when you complete a puzzle you get the satisfaction of completing the puzzle but then you have to break it up into pieces. With the funky owls 3D puzzles, you get to keep the product of your hard work and enjoy it every day.

Disclaimer: We were sent the puzzles for the purposes of this review. 

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