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Fun Ways To Use A ChalkBoard With TinyMe

TinyMe Chalkboard planner

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

I’ve been wanting to have a chalkboard in the kitchen for a long time. there are so many times I want to write a list and a piece of paper just isn’t big enough or goes missing. When I saw that TinyMe did a wall sticker which was also a chalkboard I was delighted and couldn’t wait to do a review with TinyMe and #CollectiveBias. TinyMe offer a range of stickers and personalised products for clothing and also for walls. Their website is really easy to use and everything comes in a range of choices.


The chalkboards are actually Wall Planners. They are a large sticker which is reusable and can be placed wherever you want it in the home. There are three different layouts and 3 different sizes, with prices starting at £19.99. The best feature is that they can be personalised. The Tinyme website is so clever and lets you preview your product as though it is real.


After I had ordered and paid easily with Paypal the product was quick to arrive. It came in a roll and was very easy to put up. I was really impressed with the look and feel of the chalkboard. I was so happy with the chalkboard when it was up. It looks brilliant and I got lots of comments and likes when I shared it on Instagram and Facebook.

TinyMe Chalkboard planner

We have been busy testing the chalkboard over the last week or so and coming up with as many ways as possible to use it.


I suppose these are the more conventional ways to use a chalkboard but they are so helpful to have in the kitchen or family space.

  • To do lists
  • Shopping list
  • Weekly Planner
  • Meal Planner
  • Messages for other family members


  • Scrabble 

I printed a scrabble board and some tiles and used a big of bluetack to stick them on. Play scrabble in the usual way but use the chalkboard to keep score. This would work for several family games. Just watch that no one gets too competitive!

TinyMe Chalkboard planner

  • Hangman

Actually this is a great learning game as well. Player One draws a line for each letter of the word. Player two has to guess the word a letter at a time. For every mistake they make they get another piece of the hangman. They have to find the word before the picture is drawn to win.

TinyMe Chalkboard planner

  • Tic Tack Toe

So much fun when on a large scale. You can play over the course of a couple of days. One player is O and one X. Try to form a line of three.

TinyMe Chalkboard planner

  • Dots

This is a family favourite. Draw an array of dots. Each player takes it in turns to draw a line between two of the dots (no diagonals). If you complete a square then you put your initial inside it. The winner is the person with the most initials when every square is filled.

TinyMe Chalkboard planner


Chalkboards were designed with learning in mind. I miss having a chalkboard in the classroom. It’s a great place to write messages and to practice skills, knowing you can rub it straight off. The only problem is that no one can write neatly on a chalkboard!

  • Practicing letters

Chalkboards are so much fun for practicing letters. You can rub out mistakes so easily and it’s really quick. You can go over the top with a paintbrush and water as well for a different way to practice.

chalkboard letters

  • Spellings and key words

Spellings are so boring. It is great to have a couple of new ways to learn them. Writing spellings on a chalkboard instead of paper is instantly more fun.

  • Practice times tables and number patterns

This is great for children just to do as they are passing. See if they can spot the pattern or just leave that times table up so every time they pass it they practice it. TinyMe Chalkboard planner

  • Learn Number Bonds

Number bonds are the pairs of numbers which make 10 (or any other number). If children know these simple number facts it will help them with their mental maths. A few minutes practice on the chalkboard is hardly a chore.

TinyMe Chalkboard planner


  • Giant dot-to-dot

I drew a shape with dots and the girls have to fill it in and then colour it. They like doing this for each other.

TinyMe Chalkboard planner

  • Finish a Picture

Sometimes I like to start a picture and leave it for the girls to finish off. Or draw half a shape and they draw the other half using symmetry.

  • Just draw

The girls love this the best. I just give them free reign with the chalks and the kitchen is suddenly that bit more cheerful.

chalkboard art chalkboard art chalkboard art

What’s your favourite thing to do with a chalkboard?

Do you have a chalkboard in your house? Here are lots of fun ways to use it including, games, learning and creative ideas

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