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Fun ways to learn to read sight words

If you have a child in Reception, they will no doubt have come home with a big list of high frequency words to learn by the end of the year. Some children are very keen to do homework, others are very reluctant. One thing is sure: learning by rote can get very boring. However, to learn these words you have to just read them many, many times, until you can read them so quickly you don’t have to think about it.
There are lots of games you can play to make it more fun. Bingo and snap are favourites, they are simple, quick and fun and all you need are some cards with the words written or printed on them. Post its are also useful because you can write the words and stick them somewhere you will see them. I think a quick bit of practice is best with something like this.

As I was watching the advert for the children’s game elefun I had a brainwave. (If you don’t have it elefun is a game where little butterflies are shoot out of an elephants nose and you have to catch them with a net. I have no idea why) We wrote the high frequency words onto small rectangles of tissue paper. You catch as many as you can and then have to read all the words you have caught. If you can’t read it you have to put it back. The winner has the most words and butterflies at the end.

I think this is a good idea if you already have the game or one like it. It’s just another way of encouraging children to read and making it fun. Only one warning though, I wouldn’t play this when you have twin toddlers on the loose as you will end up with tissue paper everywhere.

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