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Fun and Creative Things To Do With Kids in the Winter

Fun and Creative Things To Do With Kids in the Winter

As winter approaches, people tend to retreat into the comfort of their homes and wait off the cold weather. No one likes dealing with the cold, and waiting for temperatures to start rising can get depressing. With no more warm beaches and clear skies, life can get pretty dull, even for your kids.

For most people, winter is the one season they don’t look forward to, but this doesn’t have to be you. You can do a lot to lighten the mood during winter for yourself and your kids. Below are a few fun and creative things to do with kids during winter.

Build a Snowman

You know that last snowstorm that’s supposed to come at the end of February? Don’t shun it—play in it! Building a snowman is one of the oldest yet most fun ways to spend winter with the kids, no matter if it’s December or March. It’s a delight for many kids to do something with their parents, and making a snowman offers an excellent chance to enjoy that. Snowman Activities for Kids.

Make the snowman as big as you can, and remember to include all the bells and whistles, like branched arms and a massive carrot for their nose. You can make it more fun by creating a snow family that includes the snowman, his wife, and children!

Make and Decorate Sugar Cookies

Another fun and creative thing to do with your kids during winter is making decorative sugar cookies. If your child is a sweet tooth, decorating sugar cookies will surely interest them. Plus, you can get pretty creative with your recipes.

By letting your child participate in the recipe research, you encourage an inquisitive nature which helps them discover new things. After making the cookies, you can let your kids get creative in decorating them. It’s not only fun but a good way to let the kids explore their imaginative side. Plus, letting your kids bake cookies with you is one of the best ways to get kids involved in the kitchen.

Visit a Shelter

Winter is hard for the less privileged. During this time, shelters are usually crowded, with many homeless people seeking a warm place and some food. In most cases, the workers in these homes will appreciate any helping hand that they can find.

You may choose to visit these homes with your kids to offer assistance. You can even bring the decorated sugar cookies and share them among the kids in the shelter!

Go on a Winter Walk

Before spring rolls around, head to a local park or forest preserve and enjoy the winter landscapes. Make sure your kids are dressed properly for the cold, and head over to see little buds sprouting beneath the snow piles. Late winter walks are a lovely way to show your children the all-encompassing beauty of winter. Bluebells at Packwood House.


These are a few of the many fun and creative activities you can do with kids to add warmth to the winter period. There are a lot more easy and free activities that you can engage in. All you need is to ensure that the activities are fun and add value to your kids’ lives.

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