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Fun and Affordable Ways to Enjoy Fall as a Family


By now, your mornings are getting cooler and the leaves in the neighborhood have started turning. That’s a telltale sign that fall is in the air. Fall is a great season to enjoy quality time with your family both indoors and out. From drinking warm apple cider and cuddling by the fire to going on a hayride or a pumpkin patch, there are so many memories you and your family can create this season – without breaking the bank. Check out some of our ideas below:

1. Nature Walks

Staying active all year round is important to your health. The fall is a beautiful season and can be a great time to take a walk around a neighborhood park. Nature walks can be very adventurous. Have the kids pick different color leaves, twigs, and other pieces of nature to create a collage when you get home. You can make it a family project, gluing your findings on a poster board and then hang it on the wall as a nice, seasonal décor. Of course taking a walk is absolutely free, and art supplies such as glue, scissors, and poster board can be purchased for a small amount.

Autumn sensory bin

2. Watch Sports

Fall also starts the football season, which for many families is a lot of fun. Dressing up in your favorite team’s colors, eating great snacks, and watching them on the big screen every Sunday can turn into a fun family pastime.  Watching football this year doesn’t have to be expensive if you shop around for the best sports package. Since satellite tends to be more affordable than cable, checking for DIRECTV local areas would give you an idea of what a sports package would cost if you made the switch. You may find that it’s a bit more affordable than your current television service.

3. Play Sports

Remember, getting the family up and moving is a great way to stay healthy. If you’re not sitting in the living room watching your favorite quarterback on television, you can head outside and play a few games with the family. Throwing around a football, playing some family basketball, or even throwing around a Frisbee with the dog is a lot of fun – especially in the cool, crisp, fall weather. Since chances are you have sports equipment around you probably won’t have to invest much.

4. Cook Together

Fall foods are so much fun to prepare. Soups, chilies, pies, cookies, and cakes are all pretty easy to make and can really be a lot of fun to do with the kids. Find a family recipe, or a recipe online for something you can all enjoy. Depending on what your budget is, you can choose something very simple like cookies so the ingredients won’t cost so much. Give everyone something to do and make sure to take plenty of pictures as you create precious memories.


5. Movie Nights

The fall weather can sometimes be a bit iffy. One minute it’s nice, the next it’s cold, windy, and raining. That doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun with your family! Rainy days are great for movie marathons. Pop some popcorn, grab the blankets, put on your pj’s and choose the movies. You can keep each other warm as you cuddle and share a few laughs (or cries) together watching your favorite flicks.

6. Pumpkin Carving

The kids love taking trips to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins are fairly inexpensive and giving your kids the experience to choose their own pumpkin to carve can be a lot of fun. For supplies, you’ll need to have a few carving knives, some paint, and of course candles to go inside the pumpkins so they can illuminate in the dark! You can even make it a contest to see who can make the scariest looking pumpkin!

pumpkin carving

Having fun with your family doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The fall is the perfect time to let loose and enjoy your loved ones. Get outdoors and explore the neighborhood and even have fun in the house when the weather is a bit crazy. Hopefully, you’ll take these six ideas listed above, and turn them into memories and traditions your family will have forever.

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