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Fun Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy During Winter 

Winter is often a time of joy for families. With Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving decorating the first parts of the winter calendar, you might have no time to enjoy any fun activities. However, when January rolls around, there is not much to look forward to, and winter seems to be closing in more than before. This is the best time to use your precious family moments and turn them into a time of excitement for everyone in the family, Snow, rain, and ice can’t stop you from having a wonderful time, as long as you know the perfect activities for everybody to indulge in.  

Have A Baking Day

A popular pastime for parents around the world, you can make your kids into star bakers during the winter months. Spending time baking together is quality time you won’t get from any other activity, where you can work as a team to create the best array of baked goods. Not only does baking have the bonus of heating up cold kitchen space, but it will leave you with some lovely treats to enjoy for the days to come. Before you start, make sure your kids have their own aprons, so that they look and feel like a budding baker. If you are worried that many baking treats, such as cakes, have high amounts of sugar in them, many healthy baking recipes will taste just as good, if not better, than their sugary counterparts. Keep mess on the low by controlling the flour and add an educational aspect by teaching your kids how to clean up along the way.  



Go Sledding

Many states see a significant amount of snowfall every year. While sometimes it can be dangerous to go out in sub-zero temperatures with children, there are other times where you can make the most of the soft snow as your playground. One of the most loved activities is going sledding, and you will usually see many families enjoying this as soon as the snow is thick enough to form a path. You can always buy a sled from a store, but you can also make your own at home by using old furniture parts that you might otherwise have thrown away. Make sure you wrap your kids up warm, by putting two layers on their legs, and thick coat is essential, alongside the usual winter essentials. With younger children, it’s better to sled on small hills and go sledding with them, so that you can keep them safe. In the years to come, you can remind yourself of sledding as some of the best family memories. It is a cheap and easy pastime and fun for all the family. 

Play Board Games

Sometimes, the winter brings storm and icy weather that makes it too cold to go outside in. On these days, you may be stuck indoors with the kids with no activities to enjoy. This is where taking a trip to the past is often the best idea to fill your time. Luckily, many board games are still around today, or you could always dig out some old favorites from your games cupboard. Jigsaws and Monopoly are the two classic games that the whole family can spend hours participating in, which also have an educational benefit. To add an exciting element to the games played, there are many that you can enjoy that simulate sports like golf, bowling, and even basketball. This will also help your kids get their exercise in for the day if going outside isn’t an option.  

Visit An Escape Room

There is every chance that you may tire of staying indoors. When it is safe enough to drive, it’s a great idea to think outside the box regarding where you can take your family. Though ice skating and bowling have always been popular choices, the innovation of Escape Games has created a new pastime, providing an educational, bonding experience as a family. Such games are a step up from your traditional board games, which get your heart racing in excitement. Such activity is an ideal solution to mix things up and keep the clan entertained if you are looking for a unique day out that doesn’t break the bank. At some establishments, you can have your photo taken inside the room to capture these memories.  

Have A Movie Marathon

Going to the cinema can be expensive, especially if you have a large family; the more, the merrier is often the case, but not when it comes to ticket prices. Not only this but in bad weather, it can be more of a challenge to find space, as many families will have the same idea as you. An excellent way for you to enjoy the baked treats you’ve made is to set up your own comfy space or area to reflect that of a cinema. Make sure you have a selection of films that your kids can choose from and dim the lights to bring the cinema to their own home. Your television may do the trick, but otherwise, you can always buy (or make) a smartphone projector for a reasonable price, which you can link to your phone or mobile device to project the movie onto the wall.  

Build A Snowman

No snowy winter would be complete without building a snowman in your yard. If you are unsure about travelling far in the snow, but you still want your kids to make the most of the cold conditions, then this is the perfect solution. Building a snowman is something that allows your kids to let their creativity run wild, and you can even make it into a competition to see who can make the best one. Make sure you have vegetables and other materials available that can be used for the kids to decorate their snowmen and don’t forget to snap the moment they have finished. Afterwards, head inside to wrap up warm from the cold, and see how long the snowmen stand in the snow.  

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