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Frubes Sleepover with the Minions

As soon as we arrived at Whipsnade zoo we knew we would be having a Minion filled stay. We had been invited to stay overnight at the zoo by the Frubes team and to go on a special hunt to find the Minions. We were greeted with lots of Minion themed treats and of course as many Frubes as we could eat.

The girls couldn’t wait to see where we would be sleeping. We had passed the Lookout Lodges and they just wanted to get inside and see what it was like.

They were not disappointed. The inside of the lodges are really lovely. There is space for 4 people and they are really snug and cosy.

The lovely Frubes team had decorated each lodge with lots of Minion themed goodies.

They had thought of everything. Even a Minion themed blog sign.

In the lodges there is space for tea and coffee and it is just next to the toilets and shower block – essential when you have young children.

The girls didn’t want to leave. Except we had a fun tour of the zoo when everyone else had gone. It was amazing to see all the animals up close without any other visitors in the way.

The girls enjoyed giving the animals their food.

They liked being able to get close to the animals and not have to wait for other visitors.

We also enjoyed it being a guided tour. We learnt lots of interesting facts we never knew about all the animals. Molly enjoyed asking the tour guides lots of questions about each animal and learnt more than she would have otherwise as it was what she was interested in.

It was amazing to get this close to the lions. I was pleased they were behind glass. We even got to hold their well chewed ball.

The zoo was so beautiful in the evening. The animals seemed really calm and happy.

As we toured through the zoo we had to look out for the clues to find where the Frubes had gone. You can play yo9ur own game of find the Minions with special packs of Frubes.

Then out of the window we spotted some creatures you don’t normally see in the zoo. MINIONS!

I have never seen the girls so excited They couldn’t believe we were with the Minions.

Even the adults got to have a cuddle with the Minions.

Charlotte declared Bob was her new best friend and wouldn’t put him down. She also got very jealous if anyone else tried to cuddle him.

The Minions really were as happy and friendly as they are in the film. the twins loved it when they copied what they were doing.

The Minions went off to eat their Frubes and we had some dinner at the Wild Bite Cafe. There was lots of choice of food and of course Minion cakes to finish.

Minion cupcakes

After that, we headed on our moonlit walk back to our lodges.My camera had run out of batteries but luckily the lovely Jen from Mum in the Madhouse took some pictures of the girls for me.
Whipsnade zoo tour

I was a bit worried I would have to carry the girls as they were a bit tired. They loved the moonlit walk, especially having their own torches. It was a lovely evening and amazing seeing the animals as they tucked in for the night. Whipsnade zoo tour

After all that excitement, the girls were really happy to tuck up into the lodges. Lookout lodge at Whipsnade zoo

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Disclaimer: We were invited to stay at the zoo for the purposes of this review. 

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