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Frozen Banana Pops Recipe

Frozen banana pops
Frozen banana pops

So today has been pretty much the hottest day of the Summer. The only problem is it isn’t Summer any more! Oh well, there’s still time to enjoy some cooling frozen treats. In fact these are pretty good for pudding at any time of year, whether it’s hot or snowing outside. They are quick and easy to make and you probably have everything you need to make them already.

These are quite healthy, especially if you use honey and not syrup. They are great fun for children to make, The girls all helped even the twins, who are only two. Just remember to be careful of allergies when using coconut.

Frozen banana pops




food colouring

lolly sticks

honey/golden syrup/maple syrup

What to do

Lay out a shallow bowl of honey or golden syrup.

Frozen banana pops

In another bowl mix the coconut with a few drops of food colouring. We also added some cake sprinkles for a bit of sparkle. You can have as many colours as you want.

Cut the banana into pieces. You can keep them whole if you wish.

banana pop

Stick a lolly stick into each banana.

Dip the banana into the honey and then in the coconut mix.

Freeze for about four hours. You can eat them unfrozen too.

Frozen banana pops
Frozen banana pops
Frozen banana pops

Remember to use any spare bananas to make delicious, guilt free ice cream.

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