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Healthy Friendship Cards

One of the things which can cause the most distress and upset for children is friendship problems. As adults, it is easy to forget that children often need to learn how to create and maintain healthy friendships, it doesn’t always come naturally. Which is why these healthy friendship cards written by Becky Goddard-Hill blogger from Emotionally Healthy Kids and produced by Fink Cards are so useful.


These are beautifully produced cards which provide lots of questions to generate discussion about healthy friendships. There are five themes: your friends, friendship difficulties, healthy friendships, being a good friend and making friends. The cards are really colourful and fit into a handy wallet.


There are also helpful tips on using the cards. These would work brilliantly in a class setting. You could use them in small groups, or to generate questions for circle time. It could be the starter every morning to get the children talking about being a good friend.


I also think these are a useful resource to have at home, especially if your child is having problems forming friendships or maintaining them. The healthy friendship cards cost £14.99 but are invaluable for helping children have heathy and fulfilling friendships both now and in the future.

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healthy friendship cards

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