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Friendship Bracelet Maker

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I love presents which encourage children to get creative. One of the best gifts for girls we had this Christmas was a friendship bracelet maker. I have fond memories of making friendship bracelets when I was a child, it was something I always enjoyed at Summer camp. I love the fact you are not only making it but also giving it away to your friends – although I always wanted to keep the best designs for myself.

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The Friendship Bracelet Maker is priced at just under £15 and really makes it easy to create a gorgeous bracelet. Everything is stored in a robust plastic box which means it is easy to carry with you. It is great for making outside or in the car. The other good thing is that you can keep your design for later if you don’t finish.

These are so many different patterns to make and you can make a few of each just alternating the colours.

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The set comes with 20 pre-cut threads in every colour you could wish for so you can get started straight away. These are pre-cut to make it easier to use. The instructions are very clear and show you exactly what you need to do.

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The set is suitable from ages 6 up. This is definitely the right age because it is a bit fiddly. Older children would be able to follow the instructions and make bracelets of their own.

Disclaimer: We we sent a bracelet maker from Presents for Men for the purposes of this review. Views expressed are my own and remain honest.

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