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4 Ways You Can Make Feeding Time More Fun for Toddlers

4 Ways You Can Make Feeding Time More Fun for Toddlers

Spending mealtime with your kids is a great way to bond with them, but when a toddler is fussy or agitated about eating, it can be hard to make the activity more fun. Try out different ways you can make feeding time more fun to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves more around the dinner table. Preparing a fun dish with easy mealtime cleanup makes for less hassle, leaving everyone happy and with a belly full of good food.

Use Fun Utensils and Plates

Nothing was more fun as a kid than eating from plates shaped like animals. If your toddler is fussy while eating or lacks interest in mealtime, quickly turn that around with colorful utensils and fun plates. This makes the food more appealing and entertaining.

Involve the Kids in Meal Planning

There is no better way to create healthy eating habits than by including everyone in the family during the meal planning process. Sit down with everyone in the family and get an idea of their favorite foods and what foods they are most likely to avoid. This way, there will be nothing on the menu someone doesn’t like, and you can use ingredients you know your toddler will love eating.

Cut Food Into Cool Shapes

Of course, adults don’t care what their food looks like, but for a toddler, the way something is cut or shaped could make a difference in whether they will eat it or not. Cut fruit and sandwiches into fun shapes to make the food more interactive for the child.

Switch Up Mealtime Locations

You don’t have to switch your dining location often but do it frequently enough to keep things interesting. Start eating lunch outside on nice days or at the park to change up the scenery and daily habits of eating. Your toddler will love eating in different environments!

Having a picky eater can be challenging, especially when they resist mealtime. Try out these different ways to make feeding time more fun for toddlers, and feeding will soon become a breeze. Keep looking for ideas and strategies that make eating different foods more fun and interactive; you will soon have a happy child at lunch and dinnertime.

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