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What Are The Best Ways To Make Use Of Flower And Modelling Paste In Baking?

Modelling Paste In Baking

One of the most exciting and creative parts of baking a cake is decorating it. Although nobody’s going to complain about a cake covered in simple icing, particularly if it’s delicious, making that extra effort to create some beautiful decorations can really make your cake something special.

One of the best mediums for creating cake decorations is flower paste. With a harder consistency than sugar paste this product lets you make intricate models and decorations which hold their shape.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use flower and modelling paste in your baking, here are some ideas to get you started.

Modelling Paste In Baking

1.Fancy Flowers.

An obvious one really, but flower paste is absolutely perfect for making flowers to decorate a cake. Modelling flowers free-hand can be quite tricky, requiring a steady hand but with practice you’ll be able to create detailed roses and other fantastic flowers. Flower paste is ideal for this because you need something fairly rigid to work with so that the petals retain their definition and the flower doesn’t become an indistinct mess.

Modelling Paste In Baking

2.Beautiful Butterflies.

Why not use some flower paste to sculpt some delicate butterflies to top off a cake? You’ll need to cut the wings and model them by hand before shaping them up and letting them set. One of the great things about flower paste is that it is an easy medium to paint, so you could indulge your artistic side and paint the butterflies with food colours. If you’re not great with a paintbrush then just spray them with some edible shimmer to give them a beautiful glittering sheen.

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3.Go Large.

Flower paste also mixes well with traditional sugar paste and imparts some of its stiffness to the mix. This means you can use it to create much larger models which will hold their shape. Simply mix some coloured sugar paste with your flower paste and you can start to make bigger models of people and animals.

4.Sugar Shoes.

Making a cake for a fashionista friend? Why not top it off with a miniature copy of their favourite heels. Flower paste makes for an ideal modelling material for shoes because you can shape it into the fine lines and points needed and it can be coloured any way you please.

These are some basic ideas to get you started, but the wonderful thing about flower paste is that it’s so perfect for decorations that the only limit is your imagination.


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