Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro E7 Review

Summary: Flexispot E7 Sit Stand Desk

The E7 from Flexispot is a solidly build desk that strikes a good balance between value and performance. It is heavy though so self-assembly might be a stretch.


Our Rating


  • Interacting with Flexispot was easy and efficient
  • Ability pick and choose desk / leg combinations
  • The desk is easy to assemble
  • Fantastic looking minimalist design
  • Feels sturdy
  • Ability to custom set heights for different users


  • The height range could be higher and lower
  • Price doesn’t include desktop
  • It’s heavy!
  • Tends to wobble, especially if placed on a carpet

Things we like about the Flexispot E7

  • Assemble only took 20 minutes. It did need 2 people though.
  • It’s capable of carrying a lot of weight. I haven’t tested it to it’s maximum but you get a sense it’s solidly built.
  • Raising and lowering using the controller is easy. The motion is smooth and quiet.
  • Heights can be pre-set for different users (as long as you remember which number is yours!)
  • Minimalist design looks great.

Things that could be improved about the Flexispot E7

  • The desk is heavy. Lugging the box to the office or area it’s going to be is a challenge.
  • The instructions could be easier to follow. It took my quite a while to work out which part was which.
  • It wobbles depending on the type of floor it’s placed on. This is simply due to the weight of it and the cantilever effect when resting your wrist on the edge of the desk.

What design options does the E7 desk have?

Customise the desktop and frame to match your home

  • Desk Frame: Silver, Black, White
  • Table top Rectangle (140x70cm) : Walnut, Cherrywood, Redoak
  • Rectangle (120x60cm) : Graphite, Walnut, White
  • Curved desktop (140x70cm) : Black, Maple, White

How Does Flexispot E7 Work?

The operation of the Flexispot E7 is easy. Simply press the up or down buttons to change the height or set the desired height on the numbered keypad.

There’s a cable tray to hide away the cables which is a neat feature.

Operation & Use

I use the adjustable desk for laptop-based work. But you could easily use it for making crafts with kids. The desktop I chose is the largest size and it’s actually a good compromise. Not too big and not too small. It’s perfect for having a laptop, a keyboard and 2 monitors. This is vital for me as it means I’m as productive as possible.

The electric sit-stand desk mechanism is almost silent so it can be used without disturbing others.

Would we recommend the Flexispot E7?

Definitely. It feels like it will last and last. We overcame the issue of the wobble by putting it on a firmer floor. It’s now used every day and I have felt an improvement in my posture and those little aches and pains from long days at the laptop.

Where to buy it

  • Purchase directly from Flexisoft – Buy from Amazon (we may receive an affiliate commission)

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