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5 Overlooked Exterior Home Areas That Require Maintenance

5 Overlooked Exterior Home Areas That Require Maintenance

Giving your home some TLC can go far past renovating its interior. As warmer weather approaches, your hammock and a glass of lemonade may tempt you into relaxation. However, there’s much to do before you can relax!

Here are five overlooked exterior home areas that require maintenance.

Dryer Exhaust

Believe it or not, many homeowners don’t realize that they should clear out dryer exhausts once or twice a year. A clogged vent is a significant fire hazard that may impact your dryer’s efficiency and put your home in peril.

To ensure the exhaust is in peak condition, look at the vent while your dryer is running. Most openings sit at the side of the house, reasonably close to the ground. If you do not see any exhaust, there may be a blockage.

Consider vacuuming the vent to help the unit’s performance and cleaning terminals to avoid lint buildup.


Cleaning your home’s exterior and siding may require more than a cycle from the pressure washer. As the wind comes and goes, breezes can deposit leaves, seeds, and petals into your gutters.

You might think that your gutters can clear themselves out as rainwater travels through your property’s draining system. However, water can pool if met with obstructions, so remember to clear gutters periodically.


The roof of your home has one of the most significant jobs—keeping you and your family safe and dry! While you could inspect your roof by walking on it and surveying it up close, you should prioritize safety by first using binoculars to get a good look.

If you notice shingles need to be replaced, you may want to contact a professional.

Decks and Boat Docks

Decks and boat docks are areas of recreation that may see tons of traffic during the warmer months. Avoid cleaning boat docks with household products to prevent chemicals from entering the water. Pressure washing is a safer alternative to clear out dirt and debris.

Remember to replace cracked or loose boards that show signs of decay. Afterward, you’ll want to apply a waterproof coating to enforce strength during weather changes.

Driveways and Pathways

You may think driveways and pathways would be the first repairs on a to-do list. Unfortunately, driveways sit at the bottom of the revamp list for some homeowners. On the bright side, you can easily repair a driveway or path with a cement-repair product to eliminate cracks and chips.

A well-maintained abode is a thriving space. By taking care of some of those overlooked exterior areas that need maintenance, you can ensure your home looks great both inside and out!

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