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Fit Fortnight at Hotter Shoes

When was the last time you had your feet measured? If you’re anything like me, and the average 50-year-old, I bet it was when you were a child. I take my children to get their feet measured every Summer but never think to get my own done too. I never seem to find shoes which actually fit properly and leave half the shoes in my wardrobe because they are uncomfortable. When Hotter announced they were introducing Fit Fortnight to encourage more people to get their feet properly measured I jumped at the chance.




Fit Fortnight is an event running from 24th September to 8th October to celebrate Hotter’s passion for making comfortable shoes that feel and fit perfectly. They’ve trained 200 Hotter Fit Ambassadors nationwide to help you find your perfect Hotter size– with even more ambassadors qualifying every week in our stores and at Hotter HQ. During this time you can visit your local store and have your feet measured.

I’ve never enjoyed the process of buying shoes probably because I can never get shoes to fit. At Hotter the experience is completely different. The shop itself has such a cosy friendly feel. There is lots of space and you never feel rushed. The colour scheme is soft and elegant and I really like how it is decorated in leafy green bunting to match the logo in time for Fit Fortnight. Rather than perching on uncomfortable stools you get to lounge in sofas while your feet were measured.

If you are lucky enough to live near Solihull then the Hotter store there is perfect. It is right in the centre, in Mell Square and the manager Jo and all the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I was a little nervous, as I visited at the end of a very busy week with all three girls in tow but Jo made us all feel so relaxed and it was a really enjoyable experience. Jo made the girls laugh so much as I tried on the shoes that they weren’t bored for a minute. I’ve often left a shop with empty hands because they have got so restless we have needed to leave so I am eternally grateful!  I was really surprised with my measurements as I have always thought I was a size 6 wide fitting.  The clever measuring gadget showed that actually my feet are just below a 6 and one is slightly bigger than the other. Also, they are only wide at the end of the arch which is why some shoes I need a wode and some a standard size.

I was brought out a wide array of shoes to try. The only real problem with shopping at Hotter is that there are so many shoes to choose from. Even when you have decided which shoe to buy, they come in so many different colour ways it is really hard to pick one. I would happily have them in every different colour. As always I got stuck between two pairs, some ultra comfortable shoes and a gorgeous pair of Whisper boots. I decided that the boots were perfect for Autumn, especially as I am wearing lots of leggings and tunic dresses at the moment. They are so comfortable and fit perfectly, of course! So far I have worn them for a busy day at a blogger conference and for three work days where I have spent all day on my feet, walking an average of 12,000 steps and they have stayed comfortable throughout the day. Come back next week for a full review!

Don’t let your day be ruined by uncomfortable shoes. Once you’ve tried Hotter you really won’t go back.

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of shoes to review. 

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