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Father’s Day Challenge at Matalan


Father’s Day is fast approaching (June the 19th in case you had forgotten – see I’m ever helpful). This year we were asked to take part in a Father’s Day challenge by Matalan. They have developed 5 ‘Dad Personalities’ to make Father’s day shopping as easy as possible. They thought the ‘Casual Dad‘ personality would really suit our family. This personality is centred around comfy t-shirts, relaxed jeans and night wear – perfect for a cosy night in after a long day out. They have our family pretty spot on.

We headed to Matalan and found the Father’s Day section really quickly. I can see the Big Pappas BBQ Pit being popular this year.


Rose was pretty keen to buy some trainers. We liked these black pair for £10 but thought they might need trying on


OK, I really need to to keep this next part a secret, as this is what we actually decided to buy. Shhh… this means you.

And if you are Mr English then look away now, unless you want three disappointed children.

Has he gone?

Right then, this is what we chose. The girls were very keen to get a whole outfit. They picked out a blue t-shirt as that is his favourite colour and he really needed a new pair of jeans. I loved the dark blue colour. Then, of course, we got socks, because I’m pretty much sure it’s the law that you have to buy socks for Father’s Day. It’s a really good bundle for £25 and the clothes were really good quality. I think he will be really pleased.

Matalan Collage

Straight Fit Dark wash Jeans £15.00

Short Sleeve T-Shirt £6.00

5 Pack Socks £3.00

Disclaimer: We were given a voucher to take part in the Father’s Day Challenge

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