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Farm life: Gifts to celebrate Easter

Do you try to avoid buying the children easter eggs? Easter is so much fun but it’s very easy to end up with a whole lot of chocolate.

If you want a fun present for easter that won’t break the bank then a schleich toy might be the answer. A rabbit costs about the same as a chocolate egg but with none of the calories, and it’s still there to play with once Easter is finished.

Rabbits in eggs? 

These classic farm animals, although suitable for young and old, are aimed at children from 3-7 years old. Each figure is designed to be a perfect replica of the real animal, unique in characteristics and individual charms. This is a great way for children to explore these magnificent creatures in their own home. They’re also great if your child is nagging you to get a pet!

3 little rabbits, one for each of the girls

We already have a number of schleich toys and I think they are brilliant for the attention to detail. They are so life like. They are incredibly sturdy and are one of the few toys I think we will keep for the next generation. 
A schleich rabbit

As well as the rabbits, we were also sent a hutch to review. This isn’t suitable for under threes because the doors do come off and so there are small parts which can be put into mouths.
The hutch is really well made. it is lighter than the animals but just as strong. The twins like opening and shutting the little doors and putting the animals inside. 

 There are so many animals in the Schleich Farm Life series and the collection is being added to all the time. In January there were Shropshire sheep and a whole family of alpacas. Also a new selection of horses including this beautiful running Iclandic pony.

If you want to find out more about the animals in your collection, the Schleich gives you some fun facts about each one and shows you where they have come from.

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