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Family Travel: A Guide to Germany’s Castles 

Germany is a beautiful place to visit, drawing visitors every year. When it comes to choosing a destination for family travel, it is particularly helpful to choose somewhere that both the kids and the adults will enjoy. The incredible castles in Germany seem straight out of a fairytale, something children will for sure love (as well as the adults!) 

Before you go, here are some travel tips for a trip to Germany to know: 

Respect the local rules 

In Germany, you’ll find that people wait to cross a street until the light is green and really follow other local rules so it is best to do the same! Otherwise you can get some odd looks or even a fine.  

Learn some German 

It is always helpful to learn at least the travel basics before you travel abroad, even if it’s just to say ‘please’, ‘can you please help me?’, ‘may I please have’, or ‘how do I find?’. Make it a family activity (especially during these months spent at home) to learn German online by using apps like Babbel for example, that are fun and interactive. You can also put a list of weekly words/phrases to learn as a family on the fridge or in a communal spot and all work together to learn them together!  

Closed on Sundays 

On Sundays, supermarkets are generally still open, but many shops and pharmacies close on Sundays. So be aware of what you need for your days ahead and do any necessary shopping before then otherwise you’ll have to wait until Monday.  

Intercity train or bus tickets 

If you plan to travel around Germany and use public transportation, it is worth checking into which intercity train and bus options you have since they are much more affordable than many high-speed train options. There are often children’s discounts, but it can still get pricey.   

Reminder to always validate your tickets!   

Be punctual 

If you make a reservation at a restaurant or for a tour, be on time! Punctuality is expected and respected in Germany, so give you and your family a bit of an extra time cushion whenever you are expected to be anywhere.  

Castles to see in Germany: 

1. Neuschwanstein Castle 

The most popular ‘fairytale’ castle in Germany is Neuschwanstein Castle, located in Füssen. It beautifully overlooks the alps, built to be a summer ‘home’ for King Ludwig II. 

2. Hohenzollern Castle 

Hohenzollern Castle is built on top of Mount Hohenzollern located in the south of Germany. It was built to look like a knight’s medieval castle.  

3. Lichtenstein Castle 

Located just a daytrip away from Stuttgart in Honau, Lichtenstein Castle is what you’d imagine as a classic ‘fairytale’ castle in Germany. Perched on top of a cliff, it is relatively small compared to some of the others but still beautiful.  

 4. Eltz Castle 

Burg Eltz, located in Wierschem, looks a fairytale castle straight from a Disney movie! It is surrounded by the Eltz forest and still maintained by the Eltz family. It was one of the few castles that was not destroyed during World War II so you can still experience what it has been throughout the years.  

Note: a guided tour is required. Check ahead to see when a tour is available in your language.  

 5. Marksburg Castle 

Located in Brabauch (in the Middle Rhine) is Marksburg Castle, a medieval castle that has never been destroyed.  

With so many castles throughout Germany, it requires being strategic about planning your visits so you can see your top picks! These 5 are definitely not the only ones, as there are many fairytale-esque castles in Germany.   

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