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Tooth Fairy toadstools

fairy toadstalls

I’m not entirely sure why we decided to make fairy toadstools. Molly wanted somewhere for the tooth fairy to stay when she comes to visit and I saw some salad bowls in the exact shape to fit a toadstool. We will probably use it as part of the table decoration at her Magic themed party next month.

You need a couple of plastic salad bowls and a couple of juice bottles. We used the Innocent juice ones as they taper at the top and so look quite convincing.

First we covered the bottles in papier-mache. We did this because I didn’t have very thick paint, but you could paint straight onto the plastic if your paint is strong enough.

Paint the bottles white. This needed two layers.

fairy toadstalls

Paint the salad bowls red. When the paint is dry add white spots. You don’t have to be too precise with the painting.

fairy toadstalls

Glue the lids from the juice bottles onto the bottom of the bowls. I used a glue gun to do this.

fairy toadstalls

Once dry you can then screw the bottom of the juice on and it will be securely attached.

fairy toadstalls

Leave the toadstools in the garden* for the fairies.

* In case you’re wondering – this is not actually my garden. It is a stunt garden I have borrowed for the purposes of this blog post – I would never let the grass grow so long, ahem.

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