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Fabric painted t-shirts

What? Wednesday is here and I wanted to design some T-shirts for my twins in order to advertise the old blog. I tried  sticky notes last week but they didn’t last so I wanted something a bit harder for little fingers to remove. I know I’ve gone a little off the original idea which is to leave a sticky note for someone to find, but I hope it’s stayed true to the spirit.

It was a good activity for me and my daughter. I left her to do her own design with no help. It does look like she was attacked with a bowl of ice cream but she was happy with the result  and proudly took it to school to show her teacher. We used fabric paints and pens. I used a cookie cutter as a stencil to mimic my blog badge. fabric paint is very easy to apply. You can use it straight from the tube or using a brush. All you have to do is paint your design then leave for 12 hours and iron on the back.

Right so plan for next week a mummy sized t-shirt for when I’m going round the shops. Any one got any suggestions for a slogan?

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